Thursday, August 30, 2007

About Me

If anyone cares I'm a returning student, and I've lived in Toledo all my life. I currently live in a historic house in the ghetto of the north end. I also got married this year and we have our first child on the way.
If you feel some strange compulsion to know more you can check me out at account, I'm in the Toledo, Oh network under Andy Cassidy. If that's still not enough you could go to However myspace has gone over the top with ad's lately so I don't update that page much.
The only other thing is I'm lazy, but you probably figured that out since I just liked to about me rather than type it out.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Dog is a misogrammatist

My dog, a Beagle mix, if that matters, hates reading. It's as if he wishes the world was illiterate like him. If you lay on the bed and try to read he will lay on top of you. If this does not stop your incessant need to learn he will then paw the book, or you, whichever produces the most disruption. If you are foolish enough to sit up and read be prepared to need shin guards.
Laptops are another story all together. Mostly he likes to rest his head on the top of the screen and look down at you, while his head is in the way and drool gets all over your keyboard. Is this or he'll come around the side and help you type, making sure you hit the maxim number of keys, and possibly changing whatever page you where looking at.
This has led me to the conclusion that my dog Heff (and not after Hugh Hefner, but that's another story) hates learning. He is therefor the nemesis of my returning to school, and a perfect scapegoat. I don't ever have to wait for him to eat my homework, he won't let me get started.