Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Baby Sex

So I took Monday off work to go with my wife to her doctors appointment, specifically since we were supposed to find out the sex of your first child at this time. This being the case I was not entirely surprised we didn't find out. Had it been a day I was already off, or a not so hyped event, I'm sure things would have went off without a hitch, thats just the way things seem to go.
My wife was understandably upset, and calls our unsexed child a pain in the ass (since that was all they wanted to show us). However I am a little more laid back, considering I don't have anything growing inside me I can afford to be a little more laissez-faire. My theory is that ultrasounds are often wrong, and that the only true sexing of the baby comes at the end.
This theory hold little water though, for people intent on baby registry updates.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Lastest Vodcast

Below is the second vodcast for the class. For being so short this took forever to edit together, but I think it turned out alright. Hope you like it.

Phonics with Fergie

Vodcast #2

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Tomorrow is Halloween, and in Toledo if you opt out of the cheesy haunted houses (there's even one at mall), and do not have kids to trick or treat with, this holiday doesn't offer many activities. That's not to say there are not costume parties, but we can't all be cool enough, or uninpregnated enough, to attend these.
On a fairly recent trip to the south I saw many brochures for haunted tours, or graveyard walks, and this was in the summer. So I though this would be a perfect Halloween activity, the problem, it doesn't exist in Toledo, or at least not that I could find.
The only cemetery in the area that offers tours is Historic Woodlawn, which would have been fine, but it was not offered often, actually only twice. Once in the first week of October, then again a week later at 11 am on a Tuesday, not very convenient.
So being the husband of a history chic I explored some of the graveyards in the area (other than Woodlawn) and found that there is another historic (and creepy) cemetery, very near to downtown, and therefore close to my home.
The real thing about this graveyard (Forest) is that it's owned by the city, and has some of the oldest graves in the city. Also it is in some disrepair, most likely being that it's in the neighborhood that it is. So as you can well imagine I came up with a novel idea, the city should do something in conjunction with the University of Toledo and do Halloween history tours of the cemetery's it owns. Then it could use the money from the tours to help with the upkeep of these historic sites. Then if it went well they could offer a year round tour, but hell, this is Toledo, and there I go offering solutions that make sense.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Driving to taco bell


This vodcasting stuff is much harder than podcasting. It took an hour to render a video, and than if was messed up I couldn't reedit the video I just made, I had to go back to the original and then render it again. So lots of time lost. Then Uploading was an all night process, and to top that off it didn't finnish until 12:05, so I might not even get a grade for this. So if you want to see the thing that might not get graded it's at , or I and going to attempt to load it on and post it in my blog.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Net Shy

I have never been a talkative person, I'm what most would call shy. I'm like little blue Paxil ball, bouncing along, watching the butterflies. However I refuse to medicate myself, or at least I refuse to medicate with the help of my doctor.
Self-medication is the way I made it through my early twenties. The term liquid courage was applied to me often. The point I'm getting at is that, like most those of the shy persuasion, I don't like to talk. The reason being that I feel like I have nothing to say, or more to the point nothing interesting to say. And so in I took the sage advice of Kane from "Kung Fu", "When what you have to say is no better than silence, it is best to remain silent."
Like most great television advice this quote is most certainly stolen, but from whom I don't have the time to look up, also it translates poorly to the real world, wherein if we were all so inclined little would be said.
More to the point, I am strange, and my particular brand of mental illness deals directly with conversations. So that I would rather be in uncomfortable silence than a conversation. Which leads me to the phone, a device, in my opinion, designed specifically for conversations, therefor it is my nemesis.
My wife knows all to well this quirk of mine, however few realize how deep this insanity goes. In the 90's when e-mail was new to the general public, I jumped on the bandwagon. Hoping e-mail in IMs would be my savior from shyness.
I, however, was mistaken, and could not conversate electronically any better than I could in the old fashion way. Which leads full round to the class I am now taking in Blogging and podcasting.
Both of these are fine, and I can do without any anxiety. However when it comes to the comments I lock up. So, to take this long diatribe down to a point, I am going to make an effort to comment on every post by every person in my class, in an effort to overcome this dilemma.
So if you see a bunch of comments from yours truly you now know why.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Taser Video

This video is not the best view of this incident, it's out of focus and jumpy in many of the scenes. If you want a more complete idea of what happened hit the menu button (you have to have started playing the video for anything to happen) and watch one of the other video's that come up, the one with the news cast has the best picture, and then there is even one that follows this student outside that shows what happens before the police take him away.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What's wrong with Podcast people?

This is more of a rant than a normal post, but I'd like to know why the Podcast People keeps turning my latest post into chipmunk speak? I've posted it twice and both times it downloads fine, but if you try to listen to it on their site it plays at 5 times the normal speed. So now I have to take it down, AGAIN, and repost it.
So that will cause anyone who is subscribed to it, to receive yet another copy of the same show, and it's not even one of the good shows. I'm also disappointed with the sound quality of these shows, so at some point this weekend I will make another trip to Best Buy to return a hands free mic and look for something better. If this doesn't work I will most likely be looking into getting a mixer because the constant buzzing in the background is driving me nuts.
Alright, just wanted to get that off my chest.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I am always trying to figure out why my wife even watches movies. The first thing she does when I put in a new movie is go online to find out how it ends. She reads the whole outline of the movie, which leave me to wonder why bother to watch it?
If you know not only how it ends, but everything that's going to happen then whats the point? She says she doesn't like surprises, and she'll read the end of a book first as well. I guess I'll just never understand. Then again I'm sure I'm as much of a mystery to her.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

This a blog of Blobby McBlob, or what we use to affectionately call our baby (much to the dismay of my mother). However soon after this picture was passed around it was brought to my wife's attention that our child now looked more like a turtle than a blob.
You know kids, they grow up so fast. From an unidentifiable mass to a reptile in just a few weeks. Somehow though my wife finds this more offensive. I'm not sure how a turtle ranks lower than a blob, but somehow it does. Maybe it's that we did not coin this nickname.
None the less this is not the now chosen nickname for the genderless thing growing inside my wife. He/she will now be referred to as Jiggs. This is because she recently learned that this is what her grandmother referred to her as when she was in utero.
All of which is fine with me. We could call it Batman or Snuffleupagus, as long as none of these names appear on the birth certificate I don't care. My only contention is that when I hear then name Jiggs I think of an old Steven Wright joke, which I would recite here, however as previously mentioned I am lazy. That and I think I could not do the joke justice, so I will therefore post it on my podcast. Please go there and check it out, those of you who have let your student loans come due will find it especially funny.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

About Me

If anyone cares I'm a returning student, and I've lived in Toledo all my life. I currently live in a historic house in the ghetto of the north end. I also got married this year and we have our first child on the way.
If you feel some strange compulsion to know more you can check me out at account, I'm in the Toledo, Oh network under Andy Cassidy. If that's still not enough you could go to However myspace has gone over the top with ad's lately so I don't update that page much.
The only other thing is I'm lazy, but you probably figured that out since I just liked to about me rather than type it out.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My Dog is a misogrammatist

My dog, a Beagle mix, if that matters, hates reading. It's as if he wishes the world was illiterate like him. If you lay on the bed and try to read he will lay on top of you. If this does not stop your incessant need to learn he will then paw the book, or you, whichever produces the most disruption. If you are foolish enough to sit up and read be prepared to need shin guards.
Laptops are another story all together. Mostly he likes to rest his head on the top of the screen and look down at you, while his head is in the way and drool gets all over your keyboard. Is this or he'll come around the side and help you type, making sure you hit the maxim number of keys, and possibly changing whatever page you where looking at.
This has led me to the conclusion that my dog Heff (and not after Hugh Hefner, but that's another story) hates learning. He is therefor the nemesis of my returning to school, and a perfect scapegoat. I don't ever have to wait for him to eat my homework, he won't let me get started.