Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Baby Sex

So I took Monday off work to go with my wife to her doctors appointment, specifically since we were supposed to find out the sex of your first child at this time. This being the case I was not entirely surprised we didn't find out. Had it been a day I was already off, or a not so hyped event, I'm sure things would have went off without a hitch, thats just the way things seem to go.
My wife was understandably upset, and calls our unsexed child a pain in the ass (since that was all they wanted to show us). However I am a little more laid back, considering I don't have anything growing inside me I can afford to be a little more laissez-faire. My theory is that ultrasounds are often wrong, and that the only true sexing of the baby comes at the end.
This theory hold little water though, for people intent on baby registry updates.


Historychic said...

I don't think our baby is a pain in the butt anymore. We will find out eventually even if its on the day of delivery.

Historychic said...

When are you going to update this blog?????

Andy said...

I have a new blog to see so look there for updates