Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Net Shy

I have never been a talkative person, I'm what most would call shy. I'm like little blue Paxil ball, bouncing along, watching the butterflies. However I refuse to medicate myself, or at least I refuse to medicate with the help of my doctor.
Self-medication is the way I made it through my early twenties. The term liquid courage was applied to me often. The point I'm getting at is that, like most those of the shy persuasion, I don't like to talk. The reason being that I feel like I have nothing to say, or more to the point nothing interesting to say. And so in I took the sage advice of Kane from "Kung Fu", "When what you have to say is no better than silence, it is best to remain silent."
Like most great television advice this quote is most certainly stolen, but from whom I don't have the time to look up, also it translates poorly to the real world, wherein if we were all so inclined little would be said.
More to the point, I am strange, and my particular brand of mental illness deals directly with conversations. So that I would rather be in uncomfortable silence than a conversation. Which leads me to the phone, a device, in my opinion, designed specifically for conversations, therefor it is my nemesis.
My wife knows all to well this quirk of mine, however few realize how deep this insanity goes. In the 90's when e-mail was new to the general public, I jumped on the bandwagon. Hoping e-mail in IMs would be my savior from shyness.
I, however, was mistaken, and could not conversate electronically any better than I could in the old fashion way. Which leads full round to the class I am now taking in Blogging and podcasting.
Both of these are fine, and I can do without any anxiety. However when it comes to the comments I lock up. So, to take this long diatribe down to a point, I am going to make an effort to comment on every post by every person in my class, in an effort to overcome this dilemma.
So if you see a bunch of comments from yours truly you now know why.

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holly said...

Too many people pollute the air with useless conversation or to just hear themselves talk. Being quiet and shy isn't the worst "affliction."