Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Tomorrow is Halloween, and in Toledo if you opt out of the cheesy haunted houses (there's even one at mall), and do not have kids to trick or treat with, this holiday doesn't offer many activities. That's not to say there are not costume parties, but we can't all be cool enough, or uninpregnated enough, to attend these.
On a fairly recent trip to the south I saw many brochures for haunted tours, or graveyard walks, and this was in the summer. So I though this would be a perfect Halloween activity, the problem, it doesn't exist in Toledo, or at least not that I could find.
The only cemetery in the area that offers tours is Historic Woodlawn, which would have been fine, but it was not offered often, actually only twice. Once in the first week of October, then again a week later at 11 am on a Tuesday, not very convenient.
So being the husband of a history chic I explored some of the graveyards in the area (other than Woodlawn) and found that there is another historic (and creepy) cemetery, very near to downtown, and therefore close to my home.
The real thing about this graveyard (Forest) is that it's owned by the city, and has some of the oldest graves in the city. Also it is in some disrepair, most likely being that it's in the neighborhood that it is. So as you can well imagine I came up with a novel idea, the city should do something in conjunction with the University of Toledo and do Halloween history tours of the cemetery's it owns. Then it could use the money from the tours to help with the upkeep of these historic sites. Then if it went well they could offer a year round tour, but hell, this is Toledo, and there I go offering solutions that make sense.


Historychic said...

Great idea.

Historychic said...
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Valerie said...

I love the last line: Here I go offering ideas that make sense.

Don't you know that's not permitted in Toledo? :)

And btw, I just read your post about shyness (not sure how I missed that one, but somehow I did). I would have never guessed from the sounds of your podcasts or from your blog posts that you have any issues with conversation. So, you're really doing an excellent job!